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Clash of Clans January Update – Loot Cart, Star Bonus and Treasury

Hi guys,
Because of the previous update and lots of negative feedbacks from the Clash of Clans community, finally Supercell has made an announcement today which talks about the upcoming updates as well as the new features in game.


The update will be out today – January 26th, 2016.

In the upcoming update, we will have these new features:

Star Bonus

We will have a new feature in game called Star Bonus. You will be able to win a daily loot bonus by earning 5 stars in Multiplayer attacks. IMO winning about 100k loot each everyday will be great! For more details about the Star Bonus, please take a look at here.


  • The Treasury will be housed in the Clan Castle and it will be the safest place which you can storage your loot. Currently attackers can take 5% of the loot from the Clan Castle. I think in the upcoming update, attackers can take just about 1-2% from the Treasury.
  • Your Clan War Loot Bonus and your Star Bonus will be automatically stored in the Treasury.

Information about for the Treasury can be read at here.

Loot Cart

  • After your village gets attacked, a certain percentage of the stolen loot will be automatically added into the Loot Cart as a small help for defenders.
  • After collecting the Loot Cart, the resources will be moved to the Treasury.
  • The stolen resources of the attacker is unchanged.

Want to read more about Loot Cart? Take a look at here.

New battle balancing tweaks

  • 2nd Air Defense at Town Hall 6.
  • 3rd Air Defense at Town Hall 7.
  • The Eagle Artillery now can deal 3x damage to the Golems and Golemites.

Fixed Bugs

  • Skeletons get stuck in walls when chasing Hog Riders.
  • Multiple Dark Spells could be donated to the Clan Castle.
  • Upgrade time takes up to 40 days at low Town Hall levels.

I will try to update the news as soon as possible. Clash on guys!