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Reworked Spells in September 2015 Update

Although we have a specific page for this Clash of Clans September 2015 update on CoC Land but I still want to post this individual page for discussing about the new changes of Freeze, Lightning, Earthquake and Poison Spells in this update.

Reworked Spells September Update

Things you need to know about Reworked Spells

Lightning Spells

  • New Lightning Spell level 7 at Town Hall 10 can incredibly devastate troops and buildings.
  • Increased damage for both Lightning Spell level 5 and level 6.
  • Bolts from the Lightning Spell now strike pretty closer together.
  • Lightning Spell level 6 can be unlocked at Town Hall 9 from this update.

Poison Spell

  • Poison Spell deals less damage to troops at first but much more over time.
  • Increased lingers after leaving the Poison Spell.
  • Poison Spells also reduce the attack damage of the Clan troops.

Earthquake Spell

  • The Earthquake Spells deal much more damage now and are not based on the remaining HP of buildings anymore.
  • The more Earthquake Spells you place on a building, the less damage that building will take.
  • 4 Earthquake Spells still can destroy any level of walls.
  • The first Earthquake Spell always take down 25% of a building’s HP. It means you can destroy any building as long as its HP is under 25%.

Freeze Spell

  • Freeze Spell can also affect air troops now. Due to this, more interesting Clan troops compositions for Town Hall 10 will be out soon.

Do you like this new update? How does it affect your current attack strategies?