New Dark Troop: The Bowler - March 2016 Update | Clash of Clans Land

New Dark Troop: The Bowler – March 2016 Update

Ok guys, finally the new dark troop in Clash of Clans is out, which is called “Bowler” and is only available at Town Hall 10 and 11. Let’s take a quick look at this new dark troop and see how amazing it is!

Clash of Clans Bowler

After taking a quick look at Chief Pat’s video, I can see that Bowler level 3 costs 170 Dark Elixir, has 380 HP, 14 movement speed, target only ground troops with splash damage and takes 8 housing spaces. The Bowler can hits up to 2 targets at a time.

You can see more in the video below.

Bowler level 3 in Clash of Clans

Seems like it’s better to not leave your Air Defenses near the outer ring since attackers can easily snipe them with these Bowlers.

Also, seems like Bowler can damage more than 2 units at the same time If they are grouped together

Do you like this new dark troop guys? Please share your opinions :D.