HogHealer Attack Strategy Guide for TH9

I saw an defense replay posted by a Clanmate once that was poorly executed, yet still mostly successful. The only reason it sort of worked was due to Heal spells and level 5 Hogs against a TH8.5. It was pretty much a layup, but it gave me an idea. I asked “Why don’t Hogs and Healers work well together?” and after looking around the Internet to find someone who has mastered this attack, I found nothing. The best I could find was a Queen walk with Hogs and Heal spells as the core of the attack.


It made perfect sense to me why nobody had yet tried. Hogs are faster than Healers, and if a Healer is chasing, she isn’t Healing. Then, there’s those pesky air defenses. Tough cookie, huh?

HogHealer Army Composition

28xhog 4xhealer 4xwizard 4xArcher 4xgoblin

rage spell rage spell rage spell healing spell poison spell

Clan Castle: golem/pekka

  • You can use either 4 Goblins or 1 Wizard for cleaning up the base.
  • Based on the enemy layout, sometimes you need up to 4 Rage Spells.
  • If you don’t like the Skeletons, ask for 1 more Poison Spell from your friends. Otherwise 1 Clan Haste Spell would be great for your Healers.
  • You don’t need to care about flying Skeletons If you have Healers level 4.
  • Just take what you need in the Clan Castle to kill the enemy Queen. Don’t hesitate to swap your Barbarian King with the enemy Queen.

What base should I target?

There’s a trick, and it makes perfect sense: Rage Spells. This only works on a specific type of base, however. Your target base should have an easy Archer Queen kill, and an easy CC kill (or a CC hound). The base should also have either a rectangular pattern defense layout or an otherwise obvious and certain Hog path for a large group of Hogs. I prefer the former, as it allows for a wall type deployment, which will take down the base very quickly.

The keys of HogHealer Attack

  1. If you deploy heroes early, let them die before sending in the Hogs and Healers.
  2. If you deploy heroes late, be sure that all defenses are down, or your heroes are capable of taking down the last few defenses, just in case the Healers leave your Hogs.
  3. After all the defenses are down, your cleanup should start away from the Hogs.
  4. Deploy in a fashion that allows for a “sweep” of the base. If the Hogs group, and then split, Healers may follow only one group, acting as unpredictable as they seem to do.
  5. Spread the Healers in a line behind your Hog line.
  6. Place rage spells so that the rim of the spell is touching the AD, and that the majority of the spell is on the side you’re attacking from.
  7. If you have a base with a somewhat uneven defense layout, use a Heal spell instead of a 4th rage. Use this Heal spell to cover any Hogs that manage to break away from their Healers. It happens sometimes.
  8. You’ll want the Hogs to rage into the Air Defenses and take them down fast, and they will. In many cases, almost instantly, which means that the AD will only get one or two shots at the Healer. If one particular Healer gets targeted by subsequent Air Defenses, which happens sometimes, she’ll likely die. Don’t worry, you’ve still got at least 3 more, and probably a lot of Hogs left.
  9. After the Hogs leave the rage spell, the Healers will fly through it and (hopefully) all your Hogs will be at full Health instantly. Two lvl4 Healers under rage will most of the entire damage of a Giant Bomb with ONE pulse. That’s 268 Heal after 337.5 damage from a lvl3 Giant Bomb. Defense buildings barely put a scratch in your Hogs for a brief moment before they’re Healed up again.

What about Double Giant Bombs?

If the Healers can pulse in between the two bombs going off, you maximum level Hogs will survive. In theory.

475-337.5+268-337.5 = 68HP

From full Health, they’ll be left with 68 hitpoints left, and just a few Heal pulses from full Health again. If you can short side a Double Giant Bomb, and be sure you have at least 2 Healers on that group, under rage, you can survive it. I wouldn’t recommend it, but the Heal after a GB is almost instantaneous.

Hog Riders survive Double Giant Bomb

How to attack with HogHealer

Let’s take a look at a base. Aside from the Air Defenses and air sweepers, this is a maxed TH9:


There are various ways to kill the Archer Queen, and strategy guides all over on how to do it. The only requirement is that she needs to be an easy kill, using anything available aside from the Hogs and Healers. That’s about 24 troop space, plus the CC, plus your heroes. Keep in mind that you’ll need some cleanup, but the lower the cumulative DPS of a base, the more Hogs you’ll have left. Low level TH9s will leave you with most of your Hogs left at the end of a raid. In the below base plan, I used the PEKKA giant and some wallbreakers to get to the Archer Queen.

Brown is the Hog wall, pink are Healers and magenta circles are proposed Rage placement.

In this raid, the last Rage ended up being wasted entirely. It still worked, but the Healers went awry. Before we take a look at the video, watch for certain things in the video. First, take note of how quickly the Hogs take down an AD under rage. next, take note of how quickly the Heal effect works, especially after GB detonation.

Here’s a second video. Thanks to BigDog for recording it. Sorry about the lack of audio. This time, a weaker th9, but you get the idea.
The TH8 proposed army would be 1 fewer Healer and one Healer plus 2 Hogs in the CC. You can use 3 rage or 2 rage 1 Heal. There’s no Archer Queen and if you can double poison this CC, this attack is theoretically easier than at th9.
Another thing to note. This is one of those attacks that can be harder attacking a village than a war base, if the CC is hard to pull or is full of several one-space troops. It still works but if becomes less reliable and with only 30 seconds to scout, it’s considerably easier to fail. Here’s a farming example below (you’ll have to follow the link, as this post is at the 2 video maximum).

If you have any questions, fire away. Thanks Loring for sharing this strategy!

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