Offense and defense, which is the best?

There are two ways to upgrade your village in Clash of Clans and make it be prosperous: One is sitting down and collect resources, and the other is fighting with other CoC players. Sometimes I wanna be a “real farmer” and sometimes you wanna be a “real fighter”…



If you like defense more than offense, you should upgrade your Clash of Clans town hall first, then defensive structures in the following order: Mortar, archer tower and cannons. Archer and Mortar are the most important defensive towers in Clash of Clans, you need to make sure that they are close to the middle of your village and have various protection from other defensive structures. After these works, you can start working on your resource production buildings. Don’t forget to upgrade these buildings fully as soon as you can.


  1. Don’t put your elixir gatherers and mines outside the walls and concentrated in one place, there are many guys are doing this. Because when other players visit your land, they can farm these buildings easily in secs by using Goblins and you will be lose because they can destroy over 50% of your village. Put them inside the walls and beside archer and cannons.
  2. Don’t upgrade your town hall rushy hurriedly if you love playing defense. CoC players with high levels earn less resources from attacking other lower level players. You don’t need to care about your barracks, you are playing defensively!


If you are playing aggressive: First you need to upgrade your town hall and your elixir gatherers to accumulate resources for the next steps. After finish your barracks and camps, also upgrade them too, you can get started on building your own army. Barracks and camps do not provide resources to other players, so you can put them outside your walls. Next, you need to upgrade your walls and defensive structures. Don’t forget your Laboratory for making new spells, which can improve your offense power so much more!


So, after all, what do you think? Offense and defense, which is the best in Clash of Clans?

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