Daybreaker – Stunning War/Trophy TH11 Layout

Hi guys,

After the update, I’m sure that there are lots of Town Hall 11 now. I really want to share this stunning layout, Daybreaker, for all other TH11 players. This layout works perfectly for both Clan Wars and trophy pushing as an anti-2-star layout. You will like it!

Daybreaker Layout for Town Hall 11

Click here for the speed-build video.

Daybreaker Features

  • Anti-2-star base: It’s very difficult to completely destroy this layout. If the attacker starts attacking from the South, the enemy troops will take lots of heavy continuous damage from The Eagle Artillery. If the attacker goes from the North, his army will be completely removed before he can reach the Town Hall compartment.
  • Perfect Anti-Golem Funnel up top.
  • If the attacker attempt to expend any fraction of the army to destroy the Eagle Artillery, the raid will be totally ruined. The Artillery is extremely protected with lots of defenses and also the Clan troops.
  • Smart funneling with open-compartment channels can easily separate tankers from damage troops.
  • 4 Air Defenses are very well protected. This is much better than the TH10 version.
  • Fully Anti-Queen-Walk.
  • Wizard Tower + Air Defense combo is aligned perfectly. Even If the Lava Hounds distract the middle Wizard Towers, the Wizard Towers will still attack toward the Balloon’s direction. With the help of the Air Sweepers, they can deal lots of additional damage.
  • Nice Air Trap placements for protecting the Town Hall and dealing with Mass-Dragon.

All suggestions and commends are very welcome. Don’t forget to post your defense logs here to help us improve the base guys!

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