Depth Deception – Remarkable TH9 Trophy Pushing Layout

Hello Town Hall 9 fellows!

After having a decent defensive strength, most TH9 players want to achieve one of the most interesting challenges in Clash of Clans: Pushing to Champion League Champion. It is not hard to push to Master league by sniping Town Hall and using troll base layout, but maintaining trophies at Master and above is totally different.
This base, Depth Deception, has been being improved by luk3namop for a few months from Master to Champion leagues and designed for dealing with most popular attack strategies at this trophy range. With it, you will have a better base for going further.


Depth Deception Trophy Pushing Layout for TH9


How this base works

The name can tell us everything about this base.
Most Clash of Clans players don’t have enough time to analyze defensive strength and trap placements when searching for trophies. I can see that most times, players decide to attack this base either without analyzing how far they can go or with a deceptive view of the depth they can go into the base.

Depth Deception doesn’t use walls on the Northern side so it seems like pretty trapless. Actually, all traps are covering the majority defenses and the top compartments are totally empty.


  • X-Bows: Because most attackers at Master and Champion use ground based attacks so 2 X-Bows should be set to Ground-Only for extra range. X-Bows are placed at the core to give them the longest time before they get hit. Also, with the high HP, they can somehow protect your Town Hall a bit longer than other ones (even Storages).
  • Hidden Teslas: Most players think that the Hidden Teslas are at the top of the base. With 4 Hidden Teslas, P.E.K.K.As are not the big deal at all.
  • Cannons and Archer Towers get dispersed throughout the base to protect as many buildings as possible, Anti-Barch.
  • Mortars: The northern Mortar can easily kill Wall Breakers that try to break the walls there. If you are working on walls, start upgrading them from the top North. Other 3 Mortars are used for dealing with Barch and Witches, preventing them from getting 50%.
  • Wizard Towers are mainly used to take out a large group of Giants and other troops. I can see that they usually can get the job done.
  • Air Defenses and Air Sweepers at the top of the base are used as a backup plan for dealing with air attacks.
  • I recommend using Heroes for defending and getting enemy troop attention. Also, the high level Archer Queen can deal a lot of damage to the enemy tankers.
  • Nice trap placements, centralized Clan Castle,…
Anti Giant and Golem based attacksOnly works at Master and Champion III
Anti most Air attacks
Unpredictable traps

Defense Logs

I hope you love this base!

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