Heroes Keep: A Town Hall 9 War Base

Heroes Keep is a solid war base for Town Hall 9 from 422Sebb. This base was based on Yango’s ideas and Black Juice bases.

Almost attackers do attacks from the Queen’s sides and nobody wants to attack from the Xbow’s sides. They always want to get into the core as soon as possible… This base will split those troops into 3 parts. That is the point of this base.


Heroes Keep’s features:

  • Centralized Clan Castle.
  • Centralized Heroes.
  • Funneled Traps.
  • Perfect Giant Bomb Placements.
  • Well Thought Out Defense Placements.
  • A Symmetrical Base.

Finally, here are some defense logs for of this base. Don’t need to talk much, these screenshots can tell them all.

Enjoy this awesome Town Hall 9 War Base and don’t forget to say thanks to 422Sebb!

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