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Defeat the Sherbet Towers with TH7 troops

Sherbet Towers is the final stage in the Single Player Campaign of Clash of Clans. If you can pass this stage, you will get 800,000 Gold and 800,000 Elixir, that’s not a small amount of loot.

This is one of the most popular topic for discussing, there are a lot of players searching about it everyday and there are plenty of ways to get 3 stars from this stage… But what is the best one with lowest cost of troops, spells and easy to do? Many players bring a lot of expensive troops and even DE troops for Sherbet Towers, but is it worth? With those troops, you will just get a small profit.


I have found a best composition for this one with all Town Hall 7 troops:

  • Troops: 2 Goblins, 34 Giants, 4 Wallbreakers, 1 Dragon and Barbarian King.
  • Spells: 2 Healing Spells and 1 Rage Spell.
  • Clan Troop: Dragon.

How to defeat the Sherbet Towers step-by-step:

  1. Drop all 4 Wallbreakers next to 2 Air Defenses:
  2. There is a Giant Bomb between 2 Air Defenses, send 2 Goblins there to set it off.
  3. Drop 20 Giants there and use Healing Spell wisely when their health bars are red.
  4. When those 2 Air Defenses are out, deploy the remaining Giants.
  5. Drop your Barbarian King next to the top right Wizard Tower. Don’t worry about your King’s level, even with level 1, he still does the job well.
  6. Use your second Healing Spell when your Giants are next to the Teslas.
  7. Drop the Rage Spell onto those Teslas and Archer Towers.
  8. Drop your Dragon and the Clan Dragon next to the left bottom Wizard Tower:
  9. All you need to do now is just watching. Dragons are too strong, those Wizard Towers cannot take them out!

You can see the whole attack replay in this video:

The original idea is from CucchiaraG (thank you so much dude). If you have a better way to attack the Sherbet Towers, please do a comment and we will discuss about it!