Clan Perks Update

Today, February 24, new Clash of Clans updated called Clan Perks is out with plenty of new things and the new big main update is for the Clan feature in game. It’s time to take your Clan to the next level.


Clash of Clan: Clan Perks Update Main Features:

New Gameplay upgrades

  • Cannon level 13
  • Healers no longer trigger air traps
  • Clan Castle is now can be deployed on obstacles.

New Clan Experience Level System:

  • Earn XP in Clan War and level your Clan up!
  • New Clan badges with banners for showcasing a Clan’s level.
  • Clan levels grant perks, banners, prestige and fancier badges!

Clan Wars Opt-in/Opt-out:

  • Clan Leader can pick exactly members for every war.
  • New profile setting shows If you want to join Clan War.
  • Big and small wards, larger wards = more XP.

Clan Perk option:

  • Donate more troops and request faster.
  • Get refunds and automatic upgrades on donated troops.
  • Increase Clan War loot bonus.

Clan badge Editor:

  • You can choose pattern, background and border for your Clan.
  • Unlock special borders for Clan badge by leveling up your Clan.

Enjoy, happy clashing and don’t forget to share this good news to your friends!

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