Mad Turtle: TH8 DE Farming Base + War Version | Clash of Clans Land

Mad Turtle: TH8 DE Farming Base + War Version

This Mad Turtle base was created by lulwut and has been being tested by him for months and working perfectly. This farming base is for late Town Hall 8, when you need to use all you have to protect your Dark Elixir. There is also a hybird war version of this base in this page. It hasn’t been ever 3 starred!

This base looks like a Galapagos Turtle, You will like it!

Mad Turtle TH8 Farming Base


Pros Cons
Centralized DE Storage Lure-able Clan Castle
You can replace the DE Storage with CC Semi-exposed Storages
Staggered junctions
Funneling in all layers
Spread out storages
Triangulated AD

Defense Logs

Mad Turtle TH8 War Base


Pros Cons
Perfect funneling Lure-able Clan Castle
Triangulated AD
Plenty of compartments
Anti-Hog Riders
Some Double Giant-Bomb spots

Defense Logs

This base hasn’t been 3 starred in Clan War by another Town Hall 8 and 9 players and the farming version works perfectly. I have no further commends. Just try it!