Crux: TH9 Farming Base Anti-Hogs/Giants/Balloons

Crux is the new Ash’s Town Hall 9 farming base with Anti-Hog Riders, Giants and Balloons feature. Not like other TH9 farming base, this one can protect all storages and give the Dark Elixir Storage maximum protection. A TH10 version of this layout is also presented in this post. Let’s take a look!


Note: You should set all Skeleton Traps to air.

Crux Base’s Features

  • Anti-Hog Riders, Giants and Balloons. Those troops will go go around the base, can’t go to the core.
  • All storages are protected in different compartment by plenty of defensive structures.
  • Centralized Dark Elixir Storage is protected perfectly by high DPS defenses and high HP buildings.
  • Dozens T-Junctions and decoys. It’s really hard to break the second layer with Wall Breakers.
  • Unlurable Clan Castle.
  • Air Sweeper works perfectly due to the Air Sweeper Guide.
  • If you want to protect your base better against air attacks, you can swap the Archer Tower in core with an Air Defense.
  • Wizard Towers don’t protect Air Defenses to deal with Lava Hounds.

Defense Logs

Here are some defense log videos of this base against:

LavaLoon + Dragon
GiBarch + Wiz
GiBarch + Hogs

If you are going to use this base layout, please post your defense logs here :D.

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