One Ring – Solid TH7 Farming Base

While playing Clash of Clans, maybe sometimes you can face this style of Town Hall 7 farming layout. I found this base from the Phil619’s thread and have been testing it with my younger brother’s TH7 base in Gold III League for a month with a lot of winning streaks (except snipping Town Hall).

You can make your own creative base from this one, this would be fun, I always recommend players doing that.

One Ring is the name of the most powerful ring in Lord of the Ring. Like the One Ring, It is really hard to destroy this base, this base has a lot of tricks and untestable traps which are for protecting core defensive buildings. It is also quite hard for the attackers to break the funneling in this base layout.

There are 2 versions of the One Ring Farming Base for TH7:

For Early Town Hall 7

At this stage, you need to spend a lot of Elixir, the Elixir Storages have more protection in this version:

One Ring TH7 Farming Base

For Mid-Late Town Hall 7

A this stage, you don’t need to use Elixir so much, Elixir Storages with high HP can be used as the shield for your base:



One Ring Features:

  • Dark Elixir Storage and Clan Castle are located in the core of this base. It will be much harder for the attackers to lure your CC troop out.  Ensure that there are always troops in your Castle.
  • This base has a lot of compartments, the attackers won’t have enough wall breakers to get all your Storages.
  • Mortars and Wizards Towers – two most powerful defensive buildings at Town Hall 7 – are located in the second layer, covered by other ones.
  • Perfect Air Defense placements can protect your base from any Giant-Healer attacks. The Giants need to attack others defenses before touching your ADs. They are placed not too far from each other so they can cover the other one and also the whole base.
  • Air Bombs are placed next to the Storages. The Minions don’t like them. Spring traps are placed at next to the Storages, the side that attackers like most when they use Giants.


Let’s test this farming base for your Town Hall 7 village and share the defense logs :D.

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