The Turbine: Majestic Farming/War Base for TH10

This base layout for Town Hall 10 is called The Turbine. It was made by AustinSS and has couples of versions. It i such a long time to see a good Town Hall 10 base layout on Clash of Clans Land, isn’t it?

I saw this base last few weeks. Before publishing this post, I was testing it in Crystal I league a few days last week. During my test, this base worked very well. Although I used the trophy pushing base but It could protect my loot perfectly. There are not many defensive base which can do this.

The Turbine Base for Town Hall 10’s Features

  • Centralized Town Hall for maximum trophy protection.
  • Air Defense and Wizard Towers are close together.
  • All storages are covered well by all key defensive buildings.
  • Archer Queen is next to the core.
  • Semi-centralized Clan Castle.
  • Plenty of compartments.It is quite hard to predict the traps.


  • Barbarian King is not protected.

TH10 The Turbine Original Version


Below are the version v2.0 and farming version of this base:

How do you think about the 2nd version? Some people said it is better…

Here are some perfect defense logs of this base at different trophy ranges:

Please comment If you have any ideas to improve this Town Hall 10 base layout!

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