Spiral Farming Base for TH7

Here is another famous farming base for Town Hall 7 with spiral style that I want to introduce for all you guys in this post. I faced this style couples of times when I was at Town Hall 7, and I just pressed the Next button. This base design has a lot of features that I just decided to copy it and using it for some weeks. It worked perfectly!

Spiral Farming Base for TH7

Here are some best features of this farming base for TH7:

  • Centralized Clan Castle: This is one of the best defensive building at Town Hall 7. You can always lose a war If your opponent can lure your troops.
  • Triangular style for Mortars for the best defense, they can cover all the whole base and each other, wipe out all common farming strategies like BAM, Barch,…
  • Wizard Towers can protect all core buildings and can’t not be overloaded.
  • Separated Storages: The point of a farming base is defending your loot. With separated storages and a lot of compartments, it is really hard to take them all in a raid.

And finally here are some perfect defense logs of this TH 7 layout:

Don’t wait. Apply this base layout right now!

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