The Strategist: Town Hall 9 Trophy Base

This The Strategist Town Hall 9 base was designed by mpoh98 for saving Dark Elixir and pushing trophies. This base is not for early Town Hall 9, it is just for almost maxed or maxed village. For early TH9 villages, I recommend you guys use the Kraken’s Crevice and Royal River base.

This base use Gold and Elixir Storages as a loot shield to protect the core with the Town Hall and Dark Elixir storage. This base also has plenty of variations, you can choose the best one for you!

Here is it, the The Strategist:



Here are two variations of this base, all them work well but IMO the original one is the best.

Why you should use The Strategist base design?

  1. Teslas are one of the best defenses in this base.
  2. The second layer with Archer Towers and Air Defenses are for defending against all air raids.
  3. Almost buildings are wrapped by the walls, perfect to protect your base from being Barched, even with maxed troops.
  4. With centralized Clan Castle, it will be very hard to lure your Clan troops. And because the Castle’s radius, the troops will comes in at exactly moment and hinder the attackers.
  5. Queen and King work great at luring troops to the Wizard Towers.

The Strategist and against different kind of attacks:

  1. Barch and BAM: This bases works wells against Barch and BAM. With wizard Towers, centralized Mortars, buildings behind the walls,… Even Wall Breakers can’t help attackers touch your core.
  2. Giants + Troops: There is no chance for these classic attack strategies.
  3. Dragons, LavaLooninans and Loonians: This base works wells against Dragon Attack. Because of the Air Defenses, Archer Towers and Wizard Towers in the second layers, Air X-Bow and all air traps, there is no chance for Balloons. It is so hard to get 1 star with air attack. In this base, AT cover the whole base.
  4. Hogs: With double Giant Bombs, say goodbye to Hogs.
  5. GoWiPe, HoLoWiWi and GoWiWi: It’s not hard to get 1 star with these expensive attack strategies. But this base still works well with these ones.

And finally, as always, here are some defense logs of this base:

Once again, thanks mpoh98 for this great base design!

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