TH7 Farming Base with 3 Air Defenses

Hi guys, because of the new update with the 3rd Air Defense, obviously all previous TH7 farming base layouts are obsolete now. Looks like it’s time to publish the new work from Ash for out TH7 fellows!

th7 farming base with 3 air defenses

Speed build video:

TH7 Farming Base – Spades


  • Excellent centralized Dark Elixir Storage = The safest place of the base. Dark Elixir is the most valuable resource at Town Hall 7, that’s why we should give it the best protection, especially after the update, people will need much more DE than before to upgrade Hogs and Minions.
  • Building at the North to get 30% on defense for the free shield. Also, couples of defenses at the top can force the attackers to use more than 30% of theirs maximum army capacity.
  • Very well positioning and spread of Elixir and Gold Storages with the TH = solid/balanced protection. At the early game, you can place the Elixir Storages inside.
  • Archers can’t hit Elixir Storages over the wall.
  • Air Defenses can cover the whole base for dealing with Giant-Healer combo as well as Dragon attacks.
  • You can use this base as an Anti 3 Star in Clan War. Just swap the Clan Castle with the Storage.
  • Mortars can cover the whole base. You don’t need to worry about Barch!
  • T-Junctions around the base are the perfect way for dealing with Wall Breakers, especially the zigzag line at the top of the base can always force the Wall Breakers and following Giants to walk through the Spring Traps.
  • Giants will always walk around the base If attackers can break the Gold Storage compartment with Wall Breaker (but they just can’t because of the T-Junctions). Your Mortar and Air Defenses inside will be safe.
  • Most attackers will spam Giants because of the semi-exposed Town Hall at top. And they will be baked by Giant Bombs after destroying those Cannons. These Giant Bombs also are the great way for dealing with Hogs.
  • Updating…

Defense Logs

Because I have been using this TH7 Farming Base with 3 Air Defenses for just about couples of weeks so I haven’t had many decent defense logs. If you have any great defense log, please comment and post it here so we can improve the base together.

I want to give a big thanks to Sanchit, Dinomyte633, Alfikri Ramadhan, Howarth, MML, Juni and other friends who helped me test this base.


Town Hall 9 player with maxed GiBarch couldn’t 3 star this layout LOL. This base works very well against TH8 attacks.


Pretty nice. Attackers got just 1 Storage and nothing else.


Work very well against Barch. Mass-Dragon was able to get 3 stars because 1 AD was being upgraded.

Dont’t forget to share this th7 farming base witn your friend If you like it. That will help cocland a lot! Thank you!

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