The Fates: Anti-3 Stars TH8 War Base

This The Fates anti-3 stars War base layout for Town Hall 8 is the third design of Eric87 with asymmetrical style and plenty of unique features.

Like other asymmetrical layouts, the attackers can get 1-2 stars from this base easily but 3-stars win is totally different. The only job of The Fates is preventing attackers from getting the last stars.

Let’s take a look and explore it!

The Fates: Anti-3 Stars TH8 War Base

Pros and Cons

Asymmetrical styleSome poor junctions
Semi-centralized Clan Castle2nd layer is not protected fully
Nice trap placements
Compartments has different sizes
Barbarian King is protected
Plenty of space to place DGB
Storages work as tanker.
Triangulated WT and AD
Squared Mortars

How The Fates Works

Each Air Defense can cover at least another one to deal with air attacks:

Each Air Defense protect another ones

With strategical Air Bomb placements for dealing with Balloons while they are coming for Wizard Towers. Once the Air Bombs are activated, the attacker will need to use his Spells or let the Balloons be busted. There is also an Air Bomb next to the Barbarian King to protect him from Minions, Lava Pumps and disturb Dragons,…

Wizard Towers are protected by Air Bombs

This base has different size compartments so the attackers will find it hard to choose a side to attack. Double Giant Bomb is in the core so cannot be tested. By the way, there are plenty of open 2×4 spaces for you to place DGB, the attacks can’t predict where is the real DGB.
The Wizard Tower next to the Town Hall doesn’t protect the Air Defense so it will not be locked with the Lava Hound.


Builder huts at the corner are perfect at wasting the attacker’s time. Sometimes the attackers can’t notice the builder hut at the button, it will be our big advantage.

Defense Logs

These defense logs tell you everything about this perfect Town Hall layout!

Try this Town Hall 8 anti-3 stars war base and you will never regret!

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