The Sirens: Town Hall 8 Farming Base

The Sirens farming base design for Town Hall 8 was created by Phoenix from 40sand9s. This is a quite solid base with unique style, works well against almost popular farming strategies. Firstly, Let’s take a look!

There are 2 versions of this base with different storage placements. Based on your league, you can choose the best one for you:




The Giant Bombs are placed at the first layer to remove the Archers and Barbarians squad. If you are facing a lot of raids with Giants, you can place the Storages at the second layer so those Giants will need more time to finding your Mortars inside. There is an Air Bomb next to every outside Storages to protect them from Minions. Dark Elixir Storage is protected by almost high DPS defensive buildings…

Unlurable Clan CastleSemi Exposed Elixir Storages
Unlurable Barbarian KingSymetrical base
Dispersed Storages
Teslas in the Core
Triangulated Air Defense and Wizard Tower

Here are some latest defense logs of this base. Everything is perfect!

I will update the defense logs fromĀ  the author of this base weekly. Please comment If you have any suggestions!

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