Volta: SOLID TH10 Farming Base

This Town Hall 10 farming base is called Volta 2.0, the new version of the old Volta base, which was made by ChiefJef and shared on the Supercell community. This new version has better protection for all storages, better traps and plenty of compartments in the core.

The top of the base has Tesla traps, Spring traps and Giant Bombs, give you a perfect protection for the top storages. You can swap the DE storage with the Clan Castle whenever you want. The Clan Castle is very difficult to be lured.

There are small compartments with Tesla traps in the core and Bombs, the attackers will need more time to get into each compartment.

The bottom of Volta base design has Spring traps and Giant Bombs. Air Defenses are also linked with the Air Traps to prevent the Lava from going to further. The Infernos, the most effective defense, can cover all your storages.

volta-solid-th10-farming-base-1 volta-solid-th10-farming-base-2 volta-solid-th10-farming-base-3

Here are some defense logs to see how this base works:

volta-base-logs-2 volta-base-logs-1

And here is the detailed video for building the base:

If you like this base, feel free to share it with your friends and don’t forget to say thanks to the author of it. That will be great if you can share your defense logs.

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