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Everything about the new Shield System

As mentioned before, the upcoming update will mainly focus on how people play Clash of Clans everyday, of course that’s about the Shield, one of the main parts in the next update, which will make the defense in game fairer, more flexible and attacking will get more encouraged.



Everything about the new Shield System

  • Destroying Town Hall now no longer gives a shield. Place your Town Hall inside!
  • Attacking while having shield doesn’t break your shield but costs a small amount of shield time.

So you will always get attacked and get a shield. With that shield, you can attack a few times before entirely breaking it.

Also, here is how the shields are granted:

Overall Damage Granted Shield
30% 12-hour shield
60% 14-hour shield
90% 16-hour shield

Note: No shield is granted If the attacker doesn’t use more than 1/3 of the army.

If you want to attack when having shield:

  • You now can search for targets and revenge when having shield.
  • The first raid/revenge will take 3 hours from the remaining shield time.
  • Additional attacks while having shield will take increasing amount of time of the remaining shield time. For example: The first attack takes deduct 3 hours, the second one deduct 4 hours,…)

The original intention of shield in Clash of Clans is very simple: After getting attacked, players should have a chance to recover loot safely before getting attacked again. We all know that Clash of Clans is about both defensing and attacking but sometimes defending can be a bit nasty: Your buildings, storages and trophies keep getting crumbled. Undoubtedly half of the fun in Clash of Clans comes from watching your carefully planned village fights against the enemies. That’s how the new shield system is released to keep the enjoyment of the game and always keep the players in the raid.

Free Shield in Clash of Clans

We will never get free shield again. Leaving Town Hall outside for getting free shield is a sure sight that players need a better shield system. The new shield system will force players to pay attention on attacking with real strategies, more than just sniping Town Hall.

What do you think about this change? How will it change your game?