Village Guard

Today, Supercell has introduced another new feature of the upcoming update – Village Guard. The new Village Guard feature is an impressive short-term way to prevent attackers from raiding your village while it isn’t shielded.

Village Guard Clash of Clans

Basically your village will have the Village Guard after the Shield expires or after a weak raid (overall damage <30%) so you will have enough time to ream your traps. Unlike the new Shield, you can attack when having Village Guard without getting penalty (the new Shield costs you a decent amount of shield time each attack).


The Village Guard time after a shield expires depends on your League:

Bronze LeagueSilver LeagueGold LeagueCrystal LeagueMaster League = free 15-minute Village Guard when the shield expires.

Champion League = free 30-minute Village Guard when the shield expires.

Titan League Titan III = free 1-hour Village Guard when the shield expires.

Titan League Titan II = free 2-hour Village Guard when the shield expires.

Titan League Titan I and Legend League = free 3-hour Village Guard when the shield expires.


Village Guard Vs. Shield

Village GuardShield
From 15 minutes to 3 hoursFrom 12 hours to 7 days
Attacking costs nothingAttacking costs Shield time
Granted free Village Guard immediately after Shield expiresGranted free Shield immediately after getting attacked
Guard time depends on LeagueThe same at all Leagues
Extra Guard time available for 10 GemsExtra Shield time available for 100+ Gems
Only can be bought while Shield is downCan be bought at anytime
Counts towards Personal BreakNever counts towards Personal Break

New Personal Break System

Another small change in this new update is about Personal Break: After 3 hour online (including Village Guard time) without having a shield, you will get kicked off for about 6 minutes. This change makes sure every player in game defends regularly.

What do you think about these new changes?

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