How much loot you can steal

In Clash of Clans, you can steal loot (Gold, Elixir and Dark Elixir) from other players by destroying their Storages, Gold Mines, Elixir Collectors, Dark Elixir Drills, Clans Castle and Town Hall.

The amount of loot you can raid in each match depends on the Town Hall level of your village and the village you want to attack. Also, the percentage of loot which is available for stealing of each building is different. In this guide, I will give you everything that you need to know about Available Loot number in Clash of Clans!

Clash of Clans available loot

Available Loot of Gold/Elixir Storages

Until Town Hall 7, the percentage of loot that you can steal from other villages is 20% and the maximum number of loot that you can get is 200,000. From Town Hall 7, the percentage drops by 2% after every higher Town Hall level and the maximum number of loot increases by 50k at each higher Town Hall level. This table tells you all the information:

Town Hall % available loot can be stolenMaximumReal loot for maximum available loot
1 to 620%200,0001,000,000

Available Loot of Gold Mines and Collectors

The percentage of available loot you can steal form these buildings is 50% of the real number which they are storing. For example, If you can collect 400k loot from your Mines and Collectors, the attackers just can take 200k from them. This percentage doesn’t change at any Town Hall level.

Available Loot of Town Hall

After the Town Hall 11 update, the Town Hall is used as a Storage which contains a part of loot equal to 1 Gold Storage, 1 Elixir Storage and 1/4 the Dark Elixir Storage. The attacker can only get the loot from Town Hall after completely destroying it. % available loot can be stolen of TH is just like Storage:

TH LevelMaximumGold can storeMaximumElixir can storeMaximumDark Elixir can store % available loot can be stolen

Available Loot of Clan Castle

The loot you can steal from the Clan Castle is stored inside the Treasury. Regardless of the Clan Castle level, you just can take 3% of the available loot in the Treasury. For more details, please take a look at here.

Town Hall Level Difference in Raids

After a few minutes of working with these figures, I have this loot penalty table.

Town Hall LevelsAvailable loot
1 level lower80%
2 levels lower50%
3 levels lower25%
4 or more levels lower5%

What about Dark Elixir?

As we all know, we can steal Dark Elixir from Storages, Drills and Clan Castle. For Clan Castle, you can see at the above section.

  • Storages: The percentage (and cap) of Dark Elixir you can steal from Storage and before TH9 is 6% (2000 Dark Elixir). At Town Hall 9, it is 5% (2500 DE), it is 4% (3000 DE) at Town Hall 10 and 4% (3500 DE) at Town Hall 11.
  • Drills: For all Town Hall levels, you can steal 75% of capacity from the opponent Drills.

Hopefully you find this small guide helpful. If you have any suggestions, your comments are always welcome!

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