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Clash of Clans May 2016 Update: New Troop Levels + Changes

Hey guys! I am extremely excited to bring you news about the upcoming Clash of Clans update, which will be released next few days!

clash of clans update

Clash of Clans May 2016 Update

Town Hall 11

  • New Lava Hound level 4
  • New Balloon level 7
  • New Cannon level 14

At Town Hall 11, people don’t use air armies much! Hopefully after these changes, people will use them more, especially for 3 star Clan War strategies!

Town Hall 10:

  • Bowler’s housing space reduced to 6.

People don’t use this new troop a lot because of the old housing space it costs!

Town Hall 7 and above

  • New Spring Trap Levels!

Upgrade your Spring Traps to catch stronger troops! Spring Traps might even catch up to 2 Valkyries in the next update!

Other changes:

  • Loads of new features added to the Editing Layout Tool.
  • You now can donate fully trained troops and spells from your production queues when your army is full.
  • Easily drag and drop troops and spell into a training queue, makes it easier to use!
  • You now can Gem Troops and Spells for donation directly via the donation menu.
  • War Logs of all Clans can be viewed in public now but this can be disabled in Clan settings.
  • New Builder Suggestions! Choosing the next building to upgrade is now easier!
  • Live spectator count is shown during an attack.


What do you think about these changes in the upcoming Clash of Clans update guys? Please share your opinions!