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Best troops to use with Haste Spell


The Haste Spell is the last dark spell in Clash of Clans which can be only unlocked at Town Hall 9. By using the Haste Spell, your army’s movement speed will be extremely increased, which comes in handy in plenty of situations. I think this will be the most popular one out of the three new spells.

In this post, I am going to compare the new Haste Spell with our big buddy – Rage Spell to see which one is better in specific attack strategies, when we should use Rage and when we should use Haste.

Haste Spell and Balloons

Can Haste Spell replace Rage Spell?

Nope, never. The Rage Spell is still very useful and won’t be obsolete especially when you use It with high damage troops such as Wizards, Witches, your Heroes, Golems,… in Clan Wars or while pushing trophies. However, If you just want to boost speed for troops which have slow movement speed such as Balloons or Giants, you should use Haste Spell. Moreover, Haste Spell just takes 1 spell space meanwhile Rage Spell takes 2.

Haste and Rage Spell

Haste Spell and Balloons

We all know that all players use Rage Spell for boosting Balloons’ speed, not damage. Balloons can easily take down a building without boosting damage but their movement speed is incredibly bad. While using Balloons, we need to make them move around the base as soon as possible before they get taken down as well as time runs out. I can see that most attacks with Balloons can’t get 3 stars because of their speed, the attackers don’t have enough time to take down couples of last buildings.

But we don’t need to worry about it anymore because from now we can use the Haste Spell instead of, especially now we have the 2nd Air Sweeper at Town Hall 9.

Haste Spell and Hogs

I don’t recommend you to bring Haste Spell while using Hog Riders. IMO, Healing Spells are always better. However, Haste Spell can help your Hog Riders jump over the Giant Bomb’s place or even Spring Traps quickly before they are trigged. This is the biggest advantage of Haste Spells for Hog Rider Attacks.

Hogs and Haste Spells

Haste Spell and P.E.K.K.A

IMO, P.E.K.K.As will be fine If they are not with Rage Spells because their damage is pretty high already. A maxed P.E.K.K.A can destroy most buildings in Clash of Clans with just 1-2 hits. However, they are really slow. If they can’t reach the targets (the core of the base) in time, your attack will be ruined so bad. I have been using Haste Spells with GoWiPe composition for couples of wars and I can see that P.E.K.K.As and Heroes were brought into the core much easier than using Rage Spell. I still use Rage Spells for knocking down the core faster with bonus damage.

If you find it hard to bring your P.E.K.K.As and Heroes into the core, you should try the Haste Spell!

Haste Spell and Dragons

Like Balloons, Dragon’s speed is terribly slow. Boosting their speed with Haste Spells will be a big help for every Dragon attack. Moreover, while doing Dragon attacks, sometimes your Dragons are split off by some outside buildings, Haste Spell can skyrocket your Dragons’ speed and brings them back into the core as fast as possible. You also need to use the Haste Spell once the air Defense start attacking one of your last Dragons while they are coming for it.
But sometimes you still need to use the Rage Spell as well, Dragons need the bonus damage when they are in the core and facing high damage defenses.

I like the Haste Spell, it is very cheap, useful and can be used in plenty of attack strategies/situations. If you have any good uses of this spell, don’t hesitate to share it with other players here!

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