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Is it worth it to boost Collectors?

Hello guys, I have been received couples of questions about this lately and today I have decided to write a small post about this today. Do you usually upgrade your Collectors? Let’s discuss about this.

Boosted Collector in Clash of Clans

A questions from admiralnorman: “Hello guys, I am at Town Hall 9 now and I have 2 level 6 Dark Elixir Drills which are producing a total of 4500 :de: everyday. Is it worth it to boost them with 30 Gems each? So I can max out my Heroes as soon as possible”.

Hello admiralnorman and other players,

If you are in the United States, 60 Gems is roughly $0.5, it’s about $1 for every 9000 Dark Elixir. Just simply compare this price to the upgrade costs of your Heroes and other troops. Heroes quickly exceed 100k Dark Elixir  (level 20 Queen, level 22 King), which is about $11.11. I know this is a crude math but it can easily show you how expensive boosting Dark Elixir Drill and other collectors are is.

Basically, 1 Gem is roughly 1 cent If you buy the cheapest Gem pack ($5), it’s better to buy the larger ones of course. Every time I think about this, I get stingy when spending my Gems: 15 cents = instant  Golem, $10 = immediately wake your Hero,… Boosting everything for 1 hour costs 80 cents and every time you get a Gem box, it’s just like finding a quarter in the street while walking.

Anyway, boosting Collectors is much better than buying resources, for sure. But If you have time, just boost your Barracks because it’s the best choice.