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Farming Collectors Tips


While farming in Clash of Clans, we always want to see the idle villages with full Gold Mines and Elixir Collectors like the image below, free 600k loot by just dropping couples of troops. Sweet!

An idle Vilalge in Clash of Clans

But it is not always sweet like that and you do a mistake. While playing, sometimes we find couples of villages which have a lot of tombstones from the previous match, trees and 500k loot. You will think that base is an idle one but when you start attack the gold mines and collectors, you receive nothing. We-always-hate-that-feel.

The images below show you how exactly the mine, collector and drill looks like with a certain amount of loot they are keeping:

How to understand the Collectos

All secrets are from the big main glass bottle of the Elixir Collectors, the gold try of the Gold Mines and the small glass box on the Dark Elixir Drills.

I hope this small farming guide can help you chose the right base while farming. Don’t hesitate to do a comment whenever you need help or want to share your experience!

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