Free Dark Elixir after finishing troop upgrade

In this small trick, I’m gonna show you an easy way to get extra free Dark Elixir and Elixir after upgrading your troops. This is an old trick and I mentioned this trick before but I still want to bump it again because it is very helpful!

As we all know, troop’s price will be increased after being upgraded. By manipulating, we can gain a big amount of free loot.
Thank gth829c for giving these screenshots!

Free Dark Elixir after upgrading troops

1. Open Clash of Clans when the upgrading progress is almost done. Make sure all your army camps are full. gth829c had 91,312 :de: at this time and the Witch level 2 upgrade would be done after 3m 26s.


2. Buy as many Witches in the Dark Barracks as you can. It is still the old price because the upgrading progress hasn’t finished yet:


3. Once the upgrading progress finishes, All the Witches in queue are also upgraded to level 2.


4. By now, the value of your Witches are increased because they are level 2 now. Open Dark Barracks and sell them all to get free 1400 Dark Elixir:


This is the best method to get loot that I have ever known :D.

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