Lead your Clan to Victory

Today, a small share from me and RaptorJones will give you lots of ideas in order to lead your Clan to victory, to more Wars Wins!

Lead your Clan to Victory

The core players in my Clan have been playing Clash of Clans together for nearly 3 years and our Clan is about 2 years old now and currently at level 8 with the 120 wins streak (the win ratio is about 85%). It can be called a solid War Clan now but it wasn’t that good before. Like every other Clan at the beginning, it took us months to find out what could make us successful at Clan Wars. Back in early 2014, we though that the best way to win any Clan Wars was using Dragons, obviously we lost dozens of Wars.

Of course we are not the best Clan and you don’t need to follow the guidelines below but I hope they somehow can help you manage your Clan.

Know your Clan Members

Definitely this is the most critical factor. Your Clan just can’t be successful at Clan Wars If you (Leader, Co-Leaders and Elders) don’t know everyone in your Clan (their limitations and attacking abilities).

Your goal at War is to get as many 3 star wins as possible in the first attack wave, right? Sometimes, attacking the mirror is not the best choice. In Clan Wars, our top members usually take 2 of the consistent top enemy bases and the rest of our Clan just need to attack down. Since we used this strategy, our war win % has been skyrocketed a lot.

For example:

Clan War Plan

Most members of your Clan can easily get the 3 star win since they are attacking down. As a result, your Clan significantly reduce the amount of targets you need to attack again. If you follow this strategy, you will not have too many mid and bot bases to attack again after the first attack wave.

If you know your members well, you can easily control the second wave of attack by assigning members. Players should attack the hardest target they can hit for a 3 star win.

Using a Messaging App

Obviously lost of Clans out there are doing this to easily handle the communications. The in-game chat is abysmal, you just can’t understand anything after going offline for a while, and of course we just can’t stay in game anytime. It can be Facebook Message, Whatsapp, LINE, Skype, kik,… or some other ones.

By using the 3rd party messaging app, you can send pictures with notes and directions or even videos to help your members figure out how to attack easier. Also, your Clan should have a separate chat group  for new players (TH7 and below), where you can share and discuss basic strategies. Having a separate chat group for Co-Leaders and top players is also very necessary. It’s the place where you can discuss about who to include in the next War, who should attack the hardest targets and who should do the cleaning job.

To be honest, most of the time, we just chat about off-topic on the chat group LOL.

Clan War Win Streak

Nice win streak from Snakes Inc.

Search for the next War properly

What bracket (10 vs 10; 15 vs 15; 20 vs 20 or 50 vs 50) is the best for your Clan? If there area 23 green players, you should talk within the officier within the group chat and decide who should sit out in the next War. If there are 17-18 green villages, use a couple of alternative accounts at the bottom and start searching for Clan Wars.

Don’t include any TH9/10 players, who are upgrading their Archer Queens, in the upcoming War. We still can do decent attack without the King, but the Queen is necessary. Attacking without Archer Queen is an immediate impact on your War results. Also, don’t include any badly rushed players into Clan Wars otherwise they will affect your Clan weight a lot.

War Mismatch is also one of the most bothersome feelings in game. I just want to give up whenever my TH9 War Clan get matched up with a TH10 War Clan. I have posted a small trick about how to avoid this last week, you can take a look at here.

Everyone needs to be a Team Player

  • Creating a Clan culture is necessary, which help everybody in your Clan get motivated by the growth of your Clan, not by their own bases.
  • Selfishness in Clan Wars is unforgivable. I really hate it when someone doesn’t listen to other members, prefer to attack a higher target for the win bonus rather than clean up a lower target. We just lost the War last week because our #6 attacked their #3 for the loot bonus instead of hitting #12 for the extra star. Just ended up by losing 1 star…

How are you doing to lead your Clan to victory? Don’t hesitate to share your opinions guys!

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