Operational Art: How to win easily in Clash of Clans

Finding opponents is the first important step of combat in Clash of Clans. If you can find a congruous opponent, you can win the battle easily.
When finding opponents, first you need to look at their Town Hall. If theirs is far lowers than your Town Hall, you will be plundering not much of resources. You can see exactly how many resource are available. If you just need resource, A handful of goblins is always more profitable than full assault.


Second, you need to be aware of what you are going for. If you want to climb the ranks, you will need to invest plenty of troops to get up to three stars for every all raids. You can use giants to start the battle, then use Wall Breakers to destroy the walls quickly, then drop more Giants to wipe defense towers. After clear cannon and mortar fire, you can put wizards, barbarians and archers to destroy next construction meanwhile goblins are stealing all resources. Always be mindful of dropping troops, everyone want to win with burning as few troops as possible.

Third, remember that you can’t control your troops, every of them has each own favorite target and make deploy. Play Clash of Clans in a few days and you will get a lot of useful experience.

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