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Should we rush to Town Hall 7?

There are lots of players recommend rushing from Town Hall 5 to Town Hall 7 except working on troops, spells and army camps. So what is the advantage of doing this? Is it worth it?

Town Hall 7 Clash of Clans

As I see it, Generally Town Hall 6 and Town Hall 5 are pretty similar: The same troops, the same troop housing spaces, the same number of Barracks, the same level of Barbarian and Archer,…¬† Meanwhile, there are couples of big changes after upgrading to TH7:

  • Extra army housing spaces.
  • +1 more Barrack.
  • +1 more Spell slot + new Rage Spell.
  • Dark Barrack, Dark Troops, Barbarian King.
  • Stronger Barbarians + Archers (main farming troops).
  • Dragons unlocked.

At TH7, farming is significantly better than TH6. Also, If you find it’s hard to get 6 stars in Clan Wars, at Town Hall 7, you just need to train Dragons and Lightning Spells. This army composition¬†definitely leads you to 6 easy stars every War.
So basically there is no problem at all If you skip TH6 and go to TH7 but you still should work on upgrading your farming troops, upgrading Barracks, Spell Factory and Army Camps.

What do you think about this? Do you have any suggestion for TH5/6 players?