The Intention of Trapping Town Hall

One of the most stupid things in Clash of Clans is trapping Town Hall in the leagues where people don’t care about trophies. And I am pretty sure that we always can find plenty of bases like that in Silver Silver League and Gold Gold League leagues. But is it worth it to do trapping Town Hall at higher leagues? What is the real intention of doing this?

Trapping Town Hall in Clash of Clans

I have been struggling in Titan III league for about 1 month. Although my Town Hall was placed outside, far away from the main base and surrounded by followers for proving it was extremely safe there but people usually still tried to find a way to get one more ★, my traps were triggered and my Clan troops were also removed as a consequence of that. And the way to take back those lost stars was pretty hard.

One day, I read a suggestion from demodulation about trapping Town Hall. I always hate trapping Town Hall before when I was in lower leagues and I know that you guys hate it, either. But after reading demodulation’s opinion, I have found the real intention of trapping Town Hall:

  • Trapping Town Hall is for weakening the enemies so they don’t have enough troop to take the rest of your base.
  • You don’t need to care about the rest of your base (Especially TH8&9) because you always can be ripped in Master League Champion Leagueand above.
  • In high leagues like Master League Champion League,  most players want to play safely as they usually just snipe the Town Hall and leave. Undoubtedly there are farmers who don’t care about trophies at these leagues but they are not enough to plan for.
  • It is not worth it to use trapped TH for pushing trophies from Silver/Gold leagues to Master. Using troll base is safer and much more effective. Players who don’t care about win/trophies can ignore the Town Hall and get easy loot from base which is missing 4 Hidden Teslas and Traps.
  • You will not have to rearm your traps and X-Bows as much as before. Your Heroes will always stay alive and your Clan troops will be always ready for raiding.

Trapping Town Hall is not about the trophies, it’s about the army. And undoubtedly trapping Town Hall is stupid in leagues where trophies and loot bonus don’t matter.

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