How to change Clash of Clans name

As we all know, we now can change our in-game nickname from Town Hall 5 and we just can do it one time. But there are always a lot of players who want to change their Clash of Clans nickname 2nd time…

By following this tutorial, you can change your Clash of Clans name in game again and again and again. All you need to do is contacting the Supercell Support in game and tell them that you want to change your name in game with acceptable reasons like in the screenshots below. After a few days, you will receive an reply email from them and they will change your name to a new one. This method always works!

If you want to change your village’s name, please follow these steps exactly!

Changing Clash of Clans Name Tutorial

Change the first time:

  1. Open game.
  2. Go to the Settings menu, there is a Change Name button there, just tap on it! (You need to have at least Town Hall 5 to change your name).
  3. Just enter your new name and press Continue button.
  4. Your name have been changed!

change clash of clans name first time

If you want to change it again:

  1. Open Clash of Clans.
  2. Go to Settings ~> Help and Support ~> Tap on the Search icon ~> Scroll down to the bottom ~> Contact Us. You will be redirected to a email screen.
  3. Make your email be like this:
  4. After sending this email, you will get an automatic reply email immediately. Just ignore it!
  5. After 1-2 days, you will receive an email from SupperCell tell that they have changed your name. Just log in to the game and see.

Note: If your current name has bad words, just include in the email. Seems like all names with bad words always can be changed!

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