Mass Witch Attack Strategy

“Mass Witch attack on a max Th10”, I hear you cry. “Surely it wouldn’t stand a chance?” An incredulous idea that just one unit en-masse could do something which expertly planned, intricate, multi-unit combinations fail to do more often than not. But prepare to be amazed!

Mass Witch Attack Strategy

The video below this paragraph will show you a mass witch attack on a pretty much maxed out Town Hall 10. Not only does the attack get 3 stars, but he gets it with ease. It isn’t a close run thing – in fact you get the feeling that he could take on the entire base again with the troops he has left. That’s right – no less than 17 witches still remain by the end of the attack. That means he only lost around 5? I told you – incredulous! Before we get into the strategy and my own quest to achieve such an attack – you better just watch the video so that you can actually believe what I am saying.

So there you have it. And just like that – now you’re a believer. About two weeks before this video was made, I embarked upon my own quest to 3 star a decent TH10 with mass witches. The method I was using was similar to the above video but there were a couple of things that I considered must haves in order for me to take on a suitable base. They were as follows:

  •  At least one single inferno – preferably two.
  • Minimum amounts of walls (See picture for ideal base).
  • Giant bomb spots manageable.
  • Splash damage (mortars) not center.
  • 2-3 Jump Spells.

Now, I realize that not all these criteria were met in the video above but as we can’t all do super human attacks, these are the general guide lines for when you want to use mass witches. Using the screen shot below (this is of the above base), this should be your general plan of attack.


Usually (remember we aren’t taking the above attack as the usual method), you would take 2 or 3 jump spells as shown in the above picture. If you can make your first jump spell reach over those two corners then it’s worth a shot only taking two. The last jump spell helps your witches and witch minions get out of the enclosed centre area so they don’t get eaten up by splash damage. You want this there only if you are going for 3 stars. If you are going for 2 then it is unnecessary. The first rage position is extremely important; you want it there over your witch minions (not the witches themselves if possible) as the enemy cc and Archer Queen are in that area as well. The minions will eat up the enemy troops in seconds. The final spell is less important. In this instance I’ve chosen a freeze because it’s a multi inferno but you could take another rage depending on your own preferences.

You’ll place all your witches from the north as in the video and they will be followed up with your CC and heroes who will hopefully be protected by the minions and can inflict a lot of damage. With single infernos, you want to make sure your heroes are deployed a little bit after the witches to ensure they don’t get targeted. Ideally you want your heroes to rush to the nearest mortars on each side so that you can get rid of them as soon as possible. You can play around with this strategy but roughly speaking, that’s how it works.

As I mentioned earlier, I embarked upon this mass witch quest a couple of weeks ago but am yet to 3 star a decent th10. You have to be patient to wait for the right base and I’ve had a few close calls. The following video is as close as I got – mid 90s percentage with very little left. Perhaps if I had taken the third jump or waited to deploy my last minion it would have been 3 stars. Check it out:

I hope you’ve found this guide and the videos useful, if slightly strange and confusing. I imagine we will be seeing a few more mass witch attacks over the coming months as more and more people start to give this strategy ago. The simple truth is, it’s not only a viable strategy for TH9 and TH10s – it’s an extremely powerful one!

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