Asymmetrical TH8 Farming Base

There are not much Clash of Clans players know about this Asymmetrical TH8 farming base. It has a weak side and a strong side (asymmetrical) and the attackers always attack from the weak side, of course. But that weak side has a lot of traps…

Asymmetrical TH8 Farming Base

How does this Asymmetrical TH8 Farming Base?

The red arrow in the screenshot below shows the side almost attackers do Barch and Giants. The yellow circles are defensive buildings which attack the enemies while they are coming for your Dark Elixir Storage. The red circle is a cluster of defensive buildings. Normally the attackers can destroy that red circle but they will find it hard to go further…


That it will be much more protection If you want to swap the Dark Elixir Storage with the Clan Castle:


And because of the asymmetrical base style, we have equilateral triangle protections:


Pros and cons

Anti TH8 BarchAQ can solo easily
Perfect DE ProtectionBad Elixir protection
Defenses around the base
Anti 3-Stars
Anti Hog Riders

Here are some defense logs of this Town Hall 8 farming base. Everything is perfect!


Please do a comment if you have any ideas to improve this base design :D. Special thanks to Gub for sharing this great base!


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