Queen’s Hell: Anti-3-Star TH9 War Base

Here is the new Anti-3 Stars war base design for Town Hall 9 from SEBBs with the focus is about the Archer Queen as its name – Queen’s Hell.


Not like other bases, all Air Defenses of this base are at the first layer and looks like easy to get with air attacks. The point defenses of this base are the Archer Queen, X-Bows and Wizard Towers. It will be really extreme hard for the attackers If they want your Queen’s place. The defenses remaining and the Queen can take those troops one by one easily. In this base, the Queen works as a super Air Defense.


  • Set all Skeleton Traps to Air mode If you think the enemy will use air attacks.
  • There are plenty of directions for the Air Sweeper in this base but I think the original one is the best: Protecting your Archer Queen and the core.
  • This base works best with maxed TH9 villages because walls play an important part of this base.
  • This base is just for protecting the last star. If you care about 1-2 star, don’t use it!

This Anti-3-Star TH9 War Base has these features:

  • Centralized CC and Archer Queen.
  • Perfect funneled traps placements.
  • Plenty of DGB placements.
  • Well out side defense placements.

How Queen’s Hell Base Works

Please take a look at this screenshot:


Blue circles are Wizard Towers’ attack range. As you can see, Because Wizard Towers don’t protect any Air Defenses so they won’t be locked on Lava Hounds and will just focus on Balloons. Wizard Towers are centralized to bunch up the Balloons once they hit the core.

Black circles are the Air Defenses’ range which is protecting the whole base. Because 2 Wizard Towers are protected by ADs, it is impossible to attack from just one side. The Lava Hound will fly across the base and leaves the Balloons alone with your Wizard Towers and Archer Queen.

Yellow and Red Circles are your high HP tanker protecting your Archer Queen and Air Defenses!

Against Air Attacks

This base layout hasn’t been 3-star yet by any air armies. The most successful air attack hit the core but forgot the 5th Air Defense – the Archer Queen and the attacker just got a 2 stars win.

Against Hog Riders

This base has been working with with plenty of Hog Riders and Golems combination but still hasn’t been 3-star yet. The funneling of this base always does the perfect job.

Against GoWiWi

After 30 Clan War times this base has been 3* by a TH9 player (AQ/BK = 30/30) and a TH10 player (AQ/BK = 30/25). It is a perfect achievement and those 2 attackers should be very skillful.

If you are going to try this TH9 war base, please give us your defense logs to improve this page. I will try to update the defense logs as well. Many thanks!

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