The Maze Runner: TH10 Labyrinth Farming Base

This Town Hall 10 farming base layout with labyrinth style is based on the maze from the movie named The Maze Runner (by the way, this is one of my favorite movies lol). It has been tested and improved for months in Master leagues. This is a perfect farming base with a solid design, very smart funneling,  give your resources the maximum protection. The author of this base is Wiseguy28.


Protect your TH10 Storages with The Maze Runner


Pros and Cons

Centralized Heroes and Clans CastleSemi-exposed point Defenses
Perfect protection for StoragesTeslas are used as Traps
Amazing Splash Coverage
Solid Funneling, perfect traps

How this TH10 Labyrinth Farming Base works

The core


This unorthodox core contains Clan Castle, Dark Elixir Storages, Heroes, X-bows and the Archer Tower works as the 4th X-bow to keep the symmetry of the base. In the battle, 2 Heroes can ruin the enemy attack easier, lure troops go to the core and your point defenses will do the last job.

Storage Compartments


The storages compartments wrap the core. Although storages are placed close together to give X-Bows and Infernos the most coverage possible. Mortars and Wizards towers are placed in this layer as well for a decent splash coverage.

Buffer Compartments


The outer ring give more protection for the storages by adding more defense in a line. The Archer Tower funnel at this layer will redirect Baloons, Golems, Hog Riders or Giants easily and separate them from other troops. Tier 1 troops without will be wiped out within seconds by the Wizard Towers. This funnel works fine with almost common farming strategies.

Most recent Defense Logs

Here are some recent defense logs of this Town Hall 10 farming base against plenty of attack strategies and everything is perfect so far.

Perfect Town Hall 10 farming base, please try it, you will never regret!

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