The Nerd: Farming Base for Town Hall 8

The Nerd is a farming base design for Town Hall 8, which was posted by mungoflago. The inspiration of this base is from StimmedNerd, that’s why its name is The Nerd :D.

This base design has a path around the outer ring with spring traps and some random spaces for placing your Giant Bombs. With two Mortars in the core and centralized tesla placement, you will not need to worry about your Dark Elixir Storage. The Nerd base design also has pentagon point defenses.


The Nerd farming base focuses on creating maximum splash damage from Mortars and Wizard Towers to protect all storages. With oblong mortar design, it will be hard for early-mid Town Hall 9 attackers to go into the core of this base. This base also directs Giants from all angles to hit them with splash damage.

Pros and Cons of The Nerd::


  • Look: Really symmetrical farming base with multiple areas for Teslas and Bombs. Has two outer layers.
  • Ultimate Storage Protection: Each storage has its own compartment. The attackers cannot reach them all. Wizard Towers cover every storage.
  • DE: Surrounded by Tesla, Giant Bomb, Wizard Towers and at least one Mortar at all times.
  • Skeleton Traps Placements: Delay the attacker’s troops while they are being hit by your splash damage.
  • Air Bombs and SAMs: For both interior and exterior of the base.
  • Air defenses: With triangulated placement in the second layer.
  • Pathing: Multiple spring traps, Giants rarely can reach the second layer.
  • Walls: Staggered. It is so hard for Wall Breakers to break inside the second layer.


  • No double Giant Bombs, easy for Hogs attacks.
  • Easy to get 1 star.

Finally, here are some defense logs of this base for you to see how it works:

Don’t forget to say thanks to mungoflago if you like this TH8 farming base. Enjoy!

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