Troubleshooting: Can’t Purchase/Receive Gems

This is one of the most terrible Clash of Clans issues. It will be a failure if there isn’t a post about it on CoCLand. So here, today, I am going to show you what to do If you cannot purchase gems or cannot receive gems after purchasing in Clash of Clans.


Cannot Purchase Gems in Clash of Clans:

Firstly, please restart your device and try again. If it still does not works, follow these methods:


If you are using iOS, please make sure that you have allowed in-app purchases by going to Settings > General > Restrictions and turn the In-App Purchases ON, then restart your game and try to purchase gems again. Normally, iOS users cannot buy gems because of this one!

troubleshooting-cannot-purchase-and-receive-gems-1If you still cannot buy gems after applying this method, please contact the iTunes support, they always can help you fix this!


If you gem icon is gray, please check:

  1. Is your Google Account valid? Are your payment valid?
  2. Is your Google Play updated to the latest version?

If you cannot purchase with your Credit Card, please try to do with Paypal. If both them don’t work, you should contact your credit car company to check that your card had any restrictions on online purchases or not.

If you still cannot be able to buy gems, please do a comment with the screenshot when you faced the issue, I will try to help you!

Haven’t received Gems after purchasing:

Normally, you will receive gems immediately after doing a payment. But sometimes, It may takes a while to deliver them. Please wait at least 1 day. If you still cannot see your game, please open game, go to the Settings menu and send a report with a copy of your receipt. If you are using iOS, please contact the iTunes support because Apple does not allow App Developers to see the purchase transactions.

What about refund?

Sad but like all other apps, you cannot require a refund after buying gems in Clash of Clans.

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