The Windrunner: Crazy Town Hall 8 War Base

The Windrunner is the newest war base layout for Town Hall 8 by Darktfx with new Air Sweeper feature, anti PEKKA, Balloons, Dragons and much more other features!

Here is our base:


How does this TH8 War Base?

The defensive buildings around the base and in front of the Mortar can lure Wall Breakers to make them suicide for nothing. This base also has a perfect funnel, the enemies with go around the base the whole time, it is really hard to get 3 stars.

This base design has a chaotic style, the attacker doesn’t know where to place troop first. Because of the terrible funnel, once they’ve entered the war, the attackers won’t know where their troops will go.

The storages with high HP are placed out site as a giant shield, the enemies need a lot of time to destroy them while they are being attacked by your defensive buildings.

The Teslas are placed in the core to stop all P.E.K.K.As.

Here are some features of this TH8 war base:

  • Anti-P.E.K.K.As: They will need a certain time to go inside the base and will be killed by the Teslas before they can hit your Town Hall.
  • Anti-Giants: The Giants waste time on outside defensive buildings while your inside ones are hitting them so hard. If they can survive after that, your Spring traps will make them fly while they are finding your Mortars.
  • Anti-Loons: Air Bombs, Centralized Air Defenses and Air Sweeper points to the weakest AD side.
  • Anti-Dragons: Dragons will fly around the base…

And here are some more screenshots of this base with more details for you:

Finally, here are two war logs of this base. My friends and I tested it yesterday and almost attacks were 1 stars:

After reading about this base, I have a lot of ideas for my next Clan War base :D. If you have any questions or suggestions, please comment and we will improve this base together!

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