Best time to upgrade Walls?

What is the best time to upgrade walls?” is a quite popular question but not easy to answer in Clash of Clans. Almost TH8 and below players try to complete their walls to maxed level at every Town Hall level. But is it worthy?

Should I upgrade my Walls now?

As we all know, we can’t use Elixir for upgrading walls until Town Hall 9. Assume you are farming for upgrading walls at Town Hall 8 (or below), besides Gold, you have been earning a lot of Elixir. Maxing all buildings and troops by using Elixir is not a big deal at Town Hall 8 and below so what will you do with the residual Elixir? You will spend Elixir on nothing, your Elixir is always maxed while you are farming Gold, what a waste!

Detailed example: Normally, a player can earn up to 20 millions :elixir: If he/she can farm 35 millions :gold:. With 35 millions Gold at Town Hall 7, you can upgrade all your walls from level 6 to level 7 and waste 20 millions residual Elixir. With that exact number of loot at Town Hall 9, we can have 25 Lego walls + 25 Skull walls = 50 walls level 7 + 50 walls level 8 + 25 millions Elixir. By doing the same simple operation, If you complete 112 skull walls at TH8, you will waste 37 Elixir instead of having total 37 Lego walls at Town Hall 9.

Additionally, stop farming walls from Town Hall 6 to Town Hall 8 doesn’t make your base be much weaker because attackers need to use 2 Wall Breakers level 5 to break level 6, level 7 and level 8 walls. You can read more at Walls.

Waiting until Town Hall 9 to farm walls is one of the best things! This guide is base on a post of Sservis!

So what do you think about this? Do you have any suggestions or other ideas about this topic? Please share :D.

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