Clan is Your Family!

After fixing the Ruined Clan Castle, we can join the Clan world in Clash of Clans. We usually move from this Clan to another one but always find the real home at the end.

Making a good Clans is not the job of the Leader or Co-Leader, It belongs too every single member in that Clan. A successful Clan is the one which has active members and everyone respects each other.

The advices that I am going to give you below are the best things I have learned since the first time I joined a Clan. I changed my Clan too much and finally I have found my real love and addicted to it for years.


Thank Jens Roever for this sweet picture!

Love your Clan and you will be loved

  • Always be a chatty member, other members never know who you are If you doesn’t say anything, right?
  • Don’t be an offensive member, you also don’t like a player like that, right?
  • Donate what your clanmates requite. If they want Golems, don’t donate Barbarians (except they are your close friends).
  • Donate more and more and more.
  • Donate more then above.

Regular member:

  • Always respect other members, especially higher rank members.
  • Always say thanks after receiving troops from your Clanmates.
  • Never ask to be a Elder/Co-Leader. Your Leader will do that when he thinks you are worthy.


  • Don’t use your rank to threaten other players or there will be just 5 members in your Clan.
  • Listen to higher rank members.


  • Don’t kick other players just because you like doing that.
  • Always donate high level troops and help your clanmates in Clan Wars.

As the Leader:

  • Start the Clan with your friends as the first loyal members.
  • Set your Clan to Invite only.
  • Set members to Co-Leader or Elder If they are worthy.
  • Always donate as many as you can. Your members will never donate If their leader don’t do that. Your donated troops should always higher than received troops.
  • Do Clan War frequently.

Let’s build our Clans by our love!

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