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Freeze Spell Guide

Once you drop the Freeze Spell, it will create a cryogenic blast that can freeze and disable the enemy buildings and ground troops immediately. It was born to deal with the hottest building in Clash of Clans, the Inferno Tower!

Freeze Spell in Clash of Clans

Things you need to know about Freeze Spell

  • It is the final Spell in the Spell Factory and can be unlocked at Town Hall 10.
  • The Freeze Spell is used to temporarily  freeze/disable the ground troops and buildings within a small radius. The Clan Castle is not an exception, it also can be disabled by this spell. After a certain time. Disabled troops and buildings will neither attack nor move until the duration of the spell ends.
  • If the enemy troops move into the spell’s radius, they will not be affected.
  • This spell can’t affect air troops.
Radius Housing Space Time to Brew Town Hall
3.5 tiles 2 30 minutes 10

Spell Level Duration Cost Research Cost Research Time
1 4 seconds 26,000 Elixir N/A N/A
2 5 seconds 29,000 Elixir 4,000,000 Elixir 5 days
3 6 seconds 31,000 Elixir 5,000,000 Elixir 7 days
4 7 seconds 33,000 Elixir 6,500,000 Elixir 10 days
5 8 seconds 35,000 Elixir 8,000,000 Elixir 14 days

Some tips for the Freeze Spell

The most important thing you need to remember while using the Freeze Spell is timing.

For dealing with the Clan Castle

I don’t usually see players use the Freeze Spell for dealing with the enemy Clan troops, but it is not a bad idea at all If the enemy Clan Castle is centralized and you face it hard to pull the Clan troops out as well as you don’t want to face them so soon. Just drop the spell once the enemy troops come out.

Best place to drop the Freeze Spell?

The most important effectiveness of the Freeze Spell is the place where you drop it in the attack. Dropping it on Archer Towers is not a good idea at all in most cases. Sometimes, you can drop the Freeze Spell on some Air Defenses If you use Balloon attacks. Normally all key defenses, especially Inferno Towers, are located in the core, the place where most players usually drop the spell on.  You also need to keep in mind that the spell can’t freeze unrevealed Hidden Teslas.

Before using the Freeze Spells, scout the enemy base to see that If you can freeze 2 Inferno Towers at a time or not (within 3 tiles). Based on this, you should also keep in mind that never place your Air Defenses and Inferno Towers pretty close to each other.

When is the best time to drop it?

IMO the best time to drop the Freeze Spell is when the defense you want to disable starts attacking your main troops. If you want to use it for Clan troops, just drop it once they are all out.

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