Ultimate Clan Guide

Clan is one of the most amazing features in Clash of Clans. Without Clan, you can be strong, but with clan, you can be amazing! This big post will guide you everything about this awesome feature!

Clan Board in Clash of Clans
Clan Board in Clash of Clans

Something you will need to know about Clan in CoC

  • Every village has a Ruin, players need to repair it for the Clan Castle.
  • Without Clan Castle (CC), players can’t create or join a clan.
  • CC is also troops’ house, players can use it to put troops as reinforcements into the combat while attacking or defenders while you home is under attack.
  • Once players join a Clan, they can Request Troops from other players in that Clan, once every 20 minutes. You can request immediately by using gem.
  • Clan member can donate up to 5 troops to other member and receive EXP after donating.
Clan Castle in Clash of Clans
Clan Castle in Clash of Clans


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