Zapping Dark Elixir like a Pro

Have you ever heard about Zapping Dark Elixir in Clash of Clans? It is one of the most popular farming activities in this game. Zapping Dark Elixir is bringing as much  Lightning Spells as you can into a battle then drop them all on the enemy DE Storage.

Zapping Dark Elixir in Clash of Clans

After the July 1st update, we can’t use this method for farming anymore.

What are the benefits of Zapping Dark Elixir?

IMO, here are the best benefits of zapping Dark Elixir in Clash of Clans:

  • With 5 Lightning Spells, you can get over 2k :de:. By using the same amount of Elixir (making spells) for training troops, you can’t always get that amount of Dark Elixir, especially when you are at high Town Hall level or high league.
  • Your army is ready for the next base right away.
  • You can farm 1-2k Dark Elixir without spells by using Giants + Barch combo.

For me, this is a sweet way to convert from Elixir to Dark Elixir. We don’t use Elixir much at the late stage of every Town Hall.

Best Lightning Spell Combo

So how to Zap Dark Elixir like a Pro?

How the Lightnings work

The theory of zapping is quite easy, but how to do it effectively is very different.

Every time you drop a Lightning Spell, there are total 6 strikes out. They won’t hit the ground randomly, there are certain patterns for each time you drop a spell. Yesterday, I wrote a guide about How Lightning Spells Actually Work. Firstly, You should read that guide to understand how they work.
After reading that guide, now you can choose the best positions to drop your Lightning Spells to have as many strikes on the DE Storage as possible = the highest amount of DE you can get from zapping. You can’t do this well at the first time but after a few practices, you will be skillful at this! It is not hard at all.

Boost your Spell Factory with 10 Gems for 2 hours, you can have 15 Lightning Spells in these two hours for zapping. 15 Lightning Spells = 2 hours = 6k Dark Elixir. That is not a small number. Don’t regret those Gems, you can earn those Gems by chopping just 2 trees.

Note: If you want to use Gems to skip the training spell progress, I think you shouldn’t. Spend those Gems on your Drills = much more DE.

Where to find DE for zapping?

I propose that the best leagues to lightning a player’s DE Storage is in Crystal 3+. The reason for this is all the players in these leagues are generally high levels, either TH 8, 9 or 10, and a lot of them have boatloads of DE saved up for troop or hero upgrades.
These leagues are also very active and this will come in handy in how to keep your DE once it is stolen.

I always think Crystal 3 and above are the best places for zapping Dark Elixir. Almost players at here are at TH9 and 10 with tons of DE which is waiting for upgrading expensive troops and Heroes.

How to protect your DE?

Crystal 3 and above are very active leagues. You will have a instant shield after closing your game. You are not finding trophies, put your Town Hall outside and almost attackers will not touch your Storages. Bang! 12h Shield!

If you don’t want the enemies know you are doing zap, just place a small amount of troops and don’t give them shields whatever because as we all know, we just can see total 4 replays in the defense log menu.

So what do you think about Zapping Dark Elixir?

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