Christmas Tree

Finally the Winter theme is back to Clash of Clans with snow and also the Christmas Tree. Have you gotten your first tree?

Christmas Tree Clash of Clans 2015

The Christmas Tree above is the latest model which has been released today morning. Like other obstacles in game, it will respawn randomly on the ground. Removing it requires 25,000 Gold and 30 seconds. After that, you will receive 75,000 Gold.

If you want to see this tree, ensure there are less than 50 obstacles in your base. You can’t have more than 40 at a time.

And here are the trees from 3 previous Winter updates:


Christmas Tree FAQs

Does the Christmas Tree this year can spawn presents like the previous one?
Sadly, seems like not. I haven’t seen any new present in this below the tree.

Can I have more than 1?
Of course, today, I have seen lots of players who have 2 trees.

How often does a X-Mas Tree spawn?
Supercell has confirmed that everyone has the same chance to get the X-Mas Tree if login during the this X-Mas period.

When will this tree stop spawning?
As we can see. the Cauldrons didn’t stop spawning until early December, so I think they will keep spawning until mid January!

Is there any requirement to have a Christmas Tree?
No, there isn’t any requirement at all! By the way, If you want it to spawn on your border, make sure that there isn’t any 2×2 gap in your base.

How to make it spawn on the very edge?
Even If you have put walls all the way around your base, there is just nothing to do this because the border is 3-tile wide.

Does anyone know the rate of the Christmas Tree spawning?
Only the developers know how often the trees have a chance of spawning, but it is usually one every 3-4 days. Some users may have to wait longer, and some less.

What do you think about them? Which one is the best?

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