Halloween Cauldron | Clash of Clans Land

Halloween Cauldron

As I mentioned before in the main ClashCon Halloween 2015 Update page, we have just had the new obstacle in game called Halloween Cauldron and here is the specific page for it!

Okay so this is our Halloween Cauldron in this update:

Clash of Clans Halloween Cauldron

Thanks spAnser and qu3L for sharing this great news.

The Halloween Cauldron has 2×2 size and re-spawns randomly. Because in game you just can have a maximum of 40 obstacles, make sure that the number of obstacle on your ground is not maxed yet and also ensure that you have enough space for it to re-spawn.

You can have more than one Cauldron at a time. Removing it costs 25,000 Elixir and gives you 75,000 Elixir.

Halloween Cauldron In Game

No matter how do you place your buildings, it can respawns right next to them like the screenshot below. Thanks hashtagbene for sharing this screenshot!


IMO It is not hard to find 50,000 Elixir at all so It’s fun to keep them there because they can’t re-spawn after the Halloween. I’d love to use them to decorate my base xD.