When to Upgrade to Town Hall 11? Maxing Vs. Rushing

With the confirmation that we’re having TH11 come out soon, many of you are probably excited and wondering when to upgrade to TH11 or should you even upgrade to TH11? Hopefully this guides helps you determine that if you’re planning on making that jump.

When should I upgrade to Town Hall 11?

When should I upgrade to Town Hall 11?

There should basically be 2 types of players considering to move to TH11.

Type I: The Maxer

The first type is the player who is ready with almost everything maxed, like me. If almost all your defenses are maxed out and you have your war troops ready, such as Lv5 Golems and Lv3 Lava Hounds and also your farming composition such as Lv7 Barch, as well as high level heroes like at least Lv30 BK and Lv30 AQ, then you should consider moving to TH11. You will certainly need strong heroes as otherwise you will struggle to compete in wars. As attacking maxed TH10s is already very difficult to do so without strong heroes.

If you’re wondering if I am going to upgrade to TH11 when it comes out, I will certainly and will also try my best to give you guys first hand look at TH11 as well as great content on TH11 on my YouTube channel.

Pros of maxing:

  • Farming with strong heroes make it more enjoyable and easy.
  • Your base will look much sweeter and you may also gain more admiration from your peers. And most great clans will want to have you.
  • Trophy pushing will be much easier with strong offense and defense. If you wish to win defenses on a consistent basis at high leagues, then you must have very powerful defenses.
  • Strong heroes that are at least level 30 will allow you to destroy other TH10 bases easier.
  • Max defenses mean your base will be very difficult to 3 star, and also challenging to 2 star.
  • Defending with many great base designs become much more fun.

Cons of maxing:

  • You get to a point where cost of upgrades and the builder times become incredibly high.
  • Even with a maxed out defense base, you’re not going to defend your way to the top of the leaderboards. The best defense for trophy pushing is not logging off.
  • Takes a very long time. If you are planning to max out your TH10 base, then be prepared to spend around a year doing so if you’re a very active farmer.
  • Increases your war weight. Max defenses will increase your war weight and have you paired up against more challenging bases with powerful defenses in wars.
  • Game quickly gets boring when you’ve maxed out or close to maxing out. Especially when upgrades cost so much and take so long.

Type 2 – The smart rusher

The second type of player who should consider moving to TH11 is the smart rusher. A smart rusher is someone, I consider, is well aware of the restrictions of having weak defenses and lab upgrades, but is able to make up for it with their high activity and hardcore farming. This is different from a player who rushes without understand the game and upgrades their Town Hall without much thought.

I started playing game: August 4, 2014 and here was me on 10/25/2015


I would also be classified as a rusher even though I probably don’t look like it anymore. But if some you guys remember a few months ago how I had TH7 and 8 defenses as a TH10 player, but now I’ve quickly progressed and am almost maxed out in defenses. How did I do it? I focused on offense first, I focused on farming my heroes to lv40 first (so I had 2 builders for that all the time). I also focused on the important defenses first, like Inferno Towers to level 3 that take the longest time to upgrade. As you can see, I only have Mortars, Archer Towers, and Cannons left and they only take about 7 and 8 days each, which really isn’t much compared to the other TH10 upgrades.

If Town Hall 11 came out a few months ago, would I have rushed to TH11?

I would have certainly rushed to TH11 and the main reason why I would have rushed is so I can get a head start on upgrading new offenses such as the 3rd hero. If I had not rushed to TH10, then I would not have Lv40 heroes with an almost maxed out base this early.

Should I rush to TH11?

Well first you have to consider many of the pros and cons of rushing:

Pros of rushing to TH11

  • You will max out your TH11 base faster
  • Rushing to TH11 will allow you to get a head start on upgrading the 3rd hero and possibly many other great features
  • You’ll have access to new all the new content and basically all content in the game

Cons of rushing to TH11

  • Inability to farm off of TH9s anymore. Due to the 50% loot penalty, your main sure of income will be against opposing TH11s and TH10s, the rarest population of players.
  • You will be unable to compete in wars if you lack laboratory upgrades. You become a liability if your Town Hall level or defenses surpass your offensive capabilities.
  • You will more likely become a bully-target and attackers will quite easily steal your loot.
  • Although you will finish upgrading everything quicker by rushing, the game can start to get less interesting without having to farm anymore. It will be tough to transition away from
  • farming since that’s what you have been accustomed to throughout most of the game.

Should I upgrade to TH11? How will farming and wars be like at TH11?

With all that said, it is up to you to decide whether you wish to move on to Town Hall 11 based on your position. If you’re not a max or close to max TH10 and want to move to TH11, then for you to upgrade to TH11, you will need to:

  • Have an understanding of the difficulty of farming due to loot penalty when TH9 become the new TH8. You will need to rely more on loot bonus at higher leagues. Farming high level walls be become much much harder, so make sure that you at least first complete all your level 10 walls.
  • Have an efficient maxed out level farming composition such as BAM, Barch, or GiBarch. You may also need to rely more on boosting and using stronger farming compositions to farm at higher leagues.
  • Understand that your weight in war will substantially increase, possibly making you a liability in wars.
  • If you are content will all that was mentioned about rushing, then go ahead, there’s no one stopping you from going to TH11.

If you are max or close to max TH10, then there’s nothing stopping you from upgrading to TH11 either. Just make sure you’re ready and consider the following:

  • Complete your level 10 walls. Farming Gold and Elixir will become much much harder with the loot penalty and scarcity of dead TH10.
  • If you’re planning on competing in wars, then make sure your Barbarian King and Archer Queen are both at least around level 30 if you wish to compete. Also, make sure you have your war troops ready in your Laboratory.
  • If you normally farm in lower leagues such as Silver, Gold, or Crystal, then be ready to make the transition to farming at at least Masters as you may need to rely more on loot bonus.
  • With the scarcity of loot, you may need to rely more on boosting and using stronger army compositions and more spells for farming storages more frequently.

Hopefully I covered most of what I wanted to say. If I missed something or if you have any questions, feel free to post below. Also, keep in mind that TH11 and news on possible changes to the game may still arise soon, so this guide will be updated if there are changes made affecting it.

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