Trophy Pushing Tips for Town Hall 8 & 9

This small guide contains plenty of new awesome hints and tips for Town Hall 8 and 9 players who are trying to push trophy. This guide was written by Reav3R. He brought his village to Champion with ease in just 8 days when it was just Town Hall 7. He is a trophy pushing master!

Town Hall 8 at Champion League!

Trophy pushing tips for Town Hall 8/9

  • When you find a new match, your first 3 targets usually have 30+ trophies, try to attack them if you can. After 3 times tapping the Next button, you can return to your home and find new matches again.
  • The more times you click next button, the weaker targets you can find.
    – Return to your village and search for a new one If you want to get more trophies.
    – Keep hitting next button if you want to farm.
  • If you use troops for sniping Town Halls, simply drop 3-4 Barbarians/Archers, close the game and then open it again. After closing the game, those troops will keep hitting the Town Hall.¬†You don’t need to waste your time watching them
    Don’t use this method If you snipe Town Hall with your Heroes or they will get baked by the enemy defenses after finishing the Town Hall.
  • From Crystal leagues, there are a lot of players trapping Town Hall, always drop 1-2 Barbarian at first for testing traps.
  • You should bring couples of Giants for dealing with trapped Town Hall.
  • For Town Hall 8, always fill your Barracks with Dragons If you don’t have much time to play. You can always find weak Town Hall 8 bases with 20-25 easy trophies.
  • Drop the whole army If you can get either 3 stars for more than 20 trophies or 1 stars and more more than 1000 :de:.
  • Always leave your Town Hall outside for instant free shield. Don’t try to protect it otherwise your whole base will be ripped, especially at Master and above.
  • Always fill your Clan Castle and make sure it can cover your Town Hall.
  • Don’t break your shield If you can’t win at least 2-3 raids before logging off. If you don’t want to use your Gems anymore, always boosting your Barracks whenever you have more than 2 hours for playing game!
  • Always try to revenge. You can sometimes find sweet base with TH outside in the defense log list.
  • 2 hours raiding sessions everyday are enough for you to maintain your current trophy at Champion.
  • You can use troll base layout for pushing from Crystal to Master in just 2 days, this one for example.
  • Trapping your Town Hall a bit is a good idea for weakening the enemy army and making the attacker unable to go further. Trapping TH is not always using Hidden Teslas, you can place your TH in the defenses’ radius (Archer Towers, Mortars, X-Bows,…).

By following these tips, pushing to Champion League within 2 weeks is not hard. Once you are at Champion League, you can follow the Loot Bonus Farming Strategy to get unlimited loot!

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