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New Farming Layout Collection with Town Hall Inside Base


Hi guys,

This page is the collection of the new farming base layout with Town Hall inside the base for the upcoming update. Soon, all pre-existing farming layouts will be condemned as outdated thus I want to help everybody be ready for the new update with the best layouts. All layouts in this collect are not only the re-designed ones but also brand-new ones.


How does the new update affect our current farming layout?

  • Town Hall is a Storage now which is weighted as 1 Gold Storage + 1 Elixir Storage + 1/4 Dark Elixir Storage.
  • The Clan Castle is also considered a Storage. Goblins now can attack it and the Town Hall with x2 damage as they attack other Storages.
  • You can’t get the shield unless 30% of the base gets taken down and the attacker use more than 1/3rd of his/her army. More about this at here.

The Underlying Implications

  • The Town Hall should be placed inside/nearby the core and protected by defenses because you will lose resources which is equivalence to 1 Elixir Storage + 1 Gold Storage + 1/4 Dark Elixir Storage If the attacker destroy it.
  • The Town Hall should be protected better than Gold and Elixir Storages. Also, it should be placed in a specific compartment, far from other Storages.
  • The Dark Elixir Storage is still the most precious Storage that we need to protect.
  • To obtain the trophies, attackers will look to 50% of your base, not your Town Hall. Thus, you should place all non-defense buildings outside the base and far from the defenses. Most attackers will use Barch to get the trophies and you can get the shield without losing loot.
  • You must force the attacker to use at least 33% of their army to get the shield by limit the number of buildings outside .
  • To protect all Storages and make it hard for the attackers to get them all, spread them out as much as possible. Otherwise, you can sacrifice 1-2 Storages to attract weaker attackers.


Town Hall 10

Hypercube X


Aurora – Hybrid Layout

This layout works perfectly for both farming and trophy pushing.



Town Hall 9


Tectonic – New Anti Earthquake and Jump Spell Layout


Nice base with high spread walls for dealing with Earthquake Spells and Jump Spells. There is no way to funnel Golems/Giants into the core.

Tectonic v2.0

This is a modified version of the Tectonic above so trees can spawn at the edge.


The Crux v2.0


Click here for the speed-build video of this layout!

Hypercube IX

There are 2 versions of this layout. I recommend the second!

This is the reworked version of the Hypercube farming layout.

  • Nice confined in the core.
  • Better Dark Elixir Protection. The Dark Elixir Storage is completely centralized now. The Archer Queen can’t touch it unless she can bypass the walls.
  • Incredibly balanced protection for all Storages.
  • You can easily set a Double Giant Bomb whenever you want.
  • Nice anti-resource ring which can prevent the Hog Riders, Golems, Balloons and Giants from touching the core.



Author:  Avernicus


  • Nice Hog Riders Pathing.
  • Anti-Wall Breaker Feature.
  • Perfect trap placements.
  • Spread out buildings can easily give you a 30% shield.
  • Balanced protection for all resources.



Author: Avernicus


  • Tight core with maximum protection for DE Storage and the Town Hall.
  • Balanced coverage for all other Storages.
  • Splash damage buildings cover the whole base.
  • Fully compartmentalized.
  • Multiple DGB spots = Hog Rider killer.

Town Hall 8



With this layout, you can easily get the 30% shield. The attacker can also get 50% of the base but not that easy to get the loot inside. Click here to see an example defense log.

Town Hall 7



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